The fee structure for the PhD programme will be as follows:

(a) Admission fee Rs.10000/-
(b) Annual Fee* Rs.50000/-
(c) Library and IT Fees* Rs.12100/- per annum
(d) Caution Fee Rs.15,000/- (Refundable Charges)
(e) Library Deposit Rs.10,000/- (Refundable Charges)

Total fess to be paid at the time of admission is Rs.97100/- (including refundable deposit)

*The Annual Fee and Library and IT Fees will be charged annually for the entire period of enrolment of the research scholar i.e. up to the date of submission of thesis

Other fees as applicable at appropriate stage:

(a) Thesis Submission Fee Rs.10000/-
(b) Conversion from full time to part time** Rs.5000/-
(c) Change of research topic** Rs.5000/-
(d) Hostel Charges*** As per University rules
(e) Mess Charges*** As per actuals

**These charges will be applicable only if the candidates opt for change/conversion

***For hostel residents, the hostel charges and mess charges are to be paid separately. Hostel charges are to be paid at the time of admission. Mess charges are to be paid directly to the service provider.


  1. 1. Actual evaluation fees of thesis will be fix at the time of submission of final thesis.
  2. 2. As per DNLU Draft Ordinance (Ordinance-I) 11(d), there shall be an annual increase of 10% in the fees and charges every year, other than the Tuition fee (Annual fee).