Full-time Ph.D. Programme

  • The selected candidates may opt for either full-time or part-time Ph.D. programme. However,there is no difference in terms of the time required for the submission of the final Ph.D. Thesis between a full-time and a part-time Ph.D. programme.

  • A full-time Ph.D. Scholar cannot be in employment (regular or contractual) anywhere. Such Ph.D. Scholars will have to complete a minimum two years of residential requirement during which they will have to be present in the University on all working days during the office hours. A full-time Ph.D. Scholar will be eligible for the grant of 15 days casual leave in an academic year.

  • A full-time Ph.D. Scholar shall be allocated 4 to 6 hours of teaching per week in the subjects preferably of their choice. The University may give some honorarium to such Ph.D. Scholars as per the discretion of the Vice Chancellor.

Part-Time Ph.D. Programme

  • The Part-time Ph.D. Scholar shall give an undertaking that he or she shall report in person to the guides at least once in every two months and discuss the progress made by them in Ph.D. research and the future course of action.

  • A Part-time Ph.D. Scholar, if in employment (regular or contractual) anywhere, will have to give a “No Objection Certificate” from his or her employer. The No Objection Certificate must clearly state that:

    i. The candidate is permitted to pursue studies on a part-time basis.

    ii. His/her official duties permit him/her to devote sufficient time for research.

    iii. When required, he/she will be relieved from the duty to complete the course work.

Conversion of Ph.D. Registration to Part Time

  • A candidate, registered for the Ph.D. programme can apply for conversion of his/her Ph.D. programme into part time Ph.D. programme if he/she has taken up employment (regular or contractual) with any Institution/Organization.

  • The permission to convert the Ph.D. programme into a part time Ph.D. programme shall be allowed by the Vice Chancellor subject to the fulfillment of conditions mentioned above.


  • Seats are available for Ph.D. full time/part time in the areas of Law, English, Political Science and Economics. The number of seats for admission will be decided based on the suitability of the candidates and the total number of available seats in the University based on the vacancies with the eligible faculty supervisors.