Vice Chancellor (I/C)

Prof. (Dr.) Shailesh N. Hadli

The “Dharmashastra” signifies the essence of Dharma and serves as a guidebook, shedding light on one's duties in various walks of life, be it as a student, citizen, researcher or faculty. The Dharmashastra National Law University has embraced this guiding role, actively assisting students and researchers in their exploration and involvement in the legal progress of the nation.

Dharmashastra National Law University, located in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, was founded in 2018 under the Madhya Pradesh Dharmashastra National Law University Act 24 of 2018. The primary aim of the university is to nurture and develop legal luminaries who can contribute significantly to the legal field. The university is dedicated to fostering an environment that facilitates both personal and professional growth. The University gives a strong emphasis on value-based education, it strives to impart comprehensive knowledge and skills to its students.

The Vice-Chancellor highlights that while the University is devoted to promoting its vision as outlined in the Act, it also stands out with its progressive and comprehensive curriculum. The curriculum aims to shape individuals who are not only intellectually inclined but also well-rounded human beings, ensuring holistic development.

The advent of Liberalization, Globalization, and Privatization (LPG) has significantly expanded business prospects and opportunities in India and abroad, which were previously limited. This policy has played a crucial role in propelling India's economy to exponential growth. As the economy expands, it creates diverse opportunities across various sectors, including the legal field. Considering the immense pressure on our courts due to the high volume of cases filed, the implementation of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) systems provides much-needed relief. ADR proves to be a less time-consuming and cost-effective alternative to litigation. ADR is a mechanism where most effective approach in seeking resolution are through negotiations, making the role of a lawyer crucial. Lawyers play an integral role in guiding parties through the realm of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Even the National Litigation Policy has emphasized Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods like mediation, conciliation, and arbitration to resolve disputes quickly and amicably.

Dharmashastra National Law University, Jabalpur has developed a distinctive curriculum that provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the realm of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). The curriculum goes beyond theoretical readings and includes engaging students in various simulation exercises. This practical approach allows students to enhance their advocacy skills and prepares them to face real-world challenges upon graduation.

The University is committed to an inclusive approach beyond merely preaching equality. It actively practices inclusivity by ensuring that socially and economically disadvantaged students have proper representation and can benefit from the educational system provided by the university. Taking an extra step, the University offers representation to socially and economically disadvantaged students and provides them with tutorial classes. These classes aim to bridge any gaps and bring these students to a level playing field, ensuring they can be as competent as their peers by the time they complete their graduation.

In this era of rapid technological advancement, life has become fast-paced, and many individuals face mental health challenges. At our university, we prioritize the well-being of every student, considering them important and precious. To ensure their concerns are recognized and addressed, we have implemented a mentoring system. This system guides and supports our students, empowering them to unlock and realize their full potential.

To guide a nation towards continuous progress, it is imperative to foster a culture of innovation and learning, which can be accomplished through the invaluable contributions of researchers. These researchers serve as the treasure of our nation, enabling us to delve into diverse areas of human development. To cultivate a research-oriented environment, we emphasize equal significance on Post Graduation and Ph.D. programs.

The government of Madhya Pradesh has designated 125 acres of land for our University new campus, conveniently located approximately one kilometer from Dumna Airport with excellent connectivity which is under construction. Nestled amidst the scenic greenery of Madhya Pradesh, our campus has been thoughtfully designed to prioritize sustainability. The campus life at our university offers a distinctive and memorable experience for our students.

Dharmashastra National Law University stands out as a unique institution among other universities, offering enriching experiences and unparalleled associations for its students, who thoroughly enjoy their time at the university. It can be assured without any hesitation that students who join this university for any programme will have an exciting learning process which will help in developing all-round personality.