1. A Socio Legal Study of Women in Legal Education: A case study of national law universities in india

    Prof. Anil Variath & Amana Khare

  2. Comparative Sociology of the Law Profession

    Prof. Debasis Poddar

  3. Evaluating the gaps in Pre- Legislative Consultation Policy: A case for Deliberative Democracy

    Dr. Sakshi Parashar

  4. Challenges in the Existing Legal Framework and Future Trends on Adoption of Children by Third Gender and Same Sex Couples With Special Reference to India

    Ms. Bhawna

  5. The Curious Case of ‘Wrong as a Bar to Matrimonial Relief’

    Mr. Animesh Jha

  6. Morality of Plea Bargaining in Criminal Proceedings and The Ethical Limits of Lawyers

    Mr. Animesh Pratap Singh

  7. Comparative Analysis of Regulatory Framework Governing Trade Secrets in United States, United Kingdom and India

    Ms. Shruti Nandwana

  8. A Socio-Legal Analysis of Crowdfunding in India

    Ms. Areena Parveen Ansari

  9. Dissent, Privacy and Democracy

    Ms. Swati Kaushal & Mr. Krishna Agarwal

  10. Feasibility of Uniform Civil Code in India Within Modern Legal Horizon and Constitutional Mandate: A Critical Appraisal

    Dr. Sankalp Singh

  11. The Disaster Management Policy in India: A Critical Analysis from a Subaltern Lens

    Ms. Nomita Mishra

  12. Patenting of Outer Space Inventions: In the Crossroads of Territorial and Outer Space Law

    Mr. Sajal Sharma & Mr. Shashank Pathak

  13. A Study on Marital Rape a Myth or Reality in Indian Context

    Mr. Deepak Gautam & Mr. Gopal Singh

  14. The Arbitrary Act of State “Demolition Drive” Are We Heading Towards Dictatorship Regime

    Mr. Shailendra Singh & Dr. Mahesh Prasad

  15. A Critical Review of E-Waste Management Policy in India With Special Reference to Environmental Impact Assessment

    Dr. Pragya Chourasiya & Ms. Sandhya Ahirwar

  16. Book Review Legal Pluralism Explained: History, Theory, Consequences by Brian Z. Tamanaha, Oxford University Press, 2021

    Dr. Mohammad Umar