With a view to ensure implementation of the affirmative policy of the Government of India through UGC and the orders issued by such authorities from time to time for the benefit of persons belonging SC/STs, the University has set up SC/ST vide its Office Order No. REG/447/DNLU/2019-20 dated November 11, 2019.

The SC/ST Cell addresses academic and non-academic issues and complaints of students/faculty/staff members from reserved categories. It maintains the atmosphere of equal participation and non-discrimination with respect to caste and creed of any member of the University. The cell is where any complaints about discrimination and/or harassment are to be brought up.

The Cell shall be composed as follows:

Ms. Asmita Jataria

Assistant Professor

DNLU, Jabalpur.


Mr. Abhishek Vishwakarma


Administrative Assistant

Ms. Neha Samre

Data Entry Operator


Objectives of the Cell

SC/ST Cell in the University shall function to resolve all the affairs and problems related to the Officers, Employees, and Students belonging to the SC/ST class of the Institute. Following are the important work undertaken by the SC/ST Cell:

  1. All affairs in the University related to SC/ST class.
  2. All affairs related to SC/ST reservation implemented in the University according to Indian Government Policy.
  3. Registering the complaints, in writing, of teachers, officers, employees, and students belonging to SC/ST class and address the same with the concerned department, person, section for its peaceful resolution.
  4. Nomination of SC/ST students for Cell at University level.