Invitation for Paper Submission by CJAR

About the Centre

The Dharmashastra National Law University Centre for Criminal Justice Administration and Research (CJAR) is aimed towards the continuous study of various facets of Criminal Law and its enforcement. In the testing times, Centre is more inclined towards focusing on contemporary issues of Criminal Justice. Centre is determined to facilitate the continuation of learning process by organising podcasts, webinars, and special lectures in relation to the threat we are facing.

With the objective of imparting the knowledge of law and to promote the culture of research for the development and advancement of legal education in the students, the Centre wishes to bring various stake holders like members of bar and bench, academicians, policy makers, officials, etc. to discourse and deliberate about Criminal Law and Justice Policies, issues and challenges through various conferences, seminars, publications etc.



            It feels elated to announce that The Centre for Criminal Justice Administration and Research (CJAR) is calling for the papers for its edited books on burgeoning legal issues. For the didactic purpose of CJAR, it is calling for papers authored by the students, academicians, advocates and all the law enthusiasts with the purpose of opening up opportunity gates for all to put forward their views with respected to assigned themes. All the authors are expected to avoid plagiarism to maintain the standard of the publications and are expected to include the grey areas of the title selected by them.


Objective of The Edited Books:

The objective of the edited book is to fulfill firstly the primary purpose of CJAR to provide students with opportunities without solely keeping the very criterion of their experiences and expertise. The main objective of the book will be to highlight and cover the abovementioned burning issues that though are a part of discussions but somewhere hide themselves either because of the procedural loopholes and procedural exploitations or else because of being the grey area of the law that is not being covered and decided upon by either the Judiciary or the Legislature and still remains the issue of conflict. These submissions will offer experimental learning and will spur the interests of students & academicians in understanding the various untouched areas of law that are still to be debated and decided in Indian society.


Edited Book :-

A Promptuary on Live-in-relationship.

A Promptuary on Unlawful Activities Prevention Act – “Misuse, victimization and its procedural exploitation.”

A Promptuary on Marital Rape as a grey area in Indian Legal System.


Sr. No. Name Contact No.
1 Rajyavardhan Singh Rajawat [Student Associates, CJAR] 8003581428
2 Aman Siwasiya [Student Associates, CJAR] 7230812125
3 Yashika Gupta [Student Associates, CJAR] 9993807280
4 Anumeha Jain [Student Associates, CJAR] 6261880386

Gauri Rajpurohit

[Convenor, CJAR]

Dushyant Singh Kaurav

[Co-Convenor, CJAR]