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Ashit Kumar Srivastava

Assistant Professor of Law

Courses and Research Interest: Constitutional Law, Data Protection Law, Digital Constitutionalism in South-Asia
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Mr. Ashit Kumar Srivastava is an Assistant Professor of Law at National Law University-Jabalpur. He previously had teaching experiences at National Law University-Odisha and Amity Law School, Lucknow. His areas of specialization are Constitutional Law, Data Protection Law, and Digital Constitutionalism in South-Asian.


  • 2011-2016: BA.LL.B. (Hons.) N.V.M College (University of Lucknow),
  • 2016-2017: LL.M. (Constitutional Law), Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law,
  • 2018: Ph.D, Pursuing, National Law University-Odisha


  • 2019- Present: Assistant Professor, Dharmashastra National Law University,
  • 2018-2019: Assistant Professor, National Law University, Odisha,
  • 2017-2018: Assistant Professor, Amity Law School, Lucknow

Membership of Professional Bodies

  • Panel Member of World Cyber Security Forum


A) Journal Article

  1. Co-Authored ‘Reconciling Blockchain and Data Protection Regimes’, Commentary, Economic & Political Weekly, Volume 40, October 2, 2021.
  2. Reading Regulation as a Prohibition: A Critical Review of the New IT Rules 2021 in relation to Social Media Networks and Messaging Application’ published in 2021 issue Volume 7, Issue 3 of European Data Protection Law Review (EDPL), ISSN 2364-2831
  3. Protection of Personal Data, letters, Economic & Political Weekly, Volume 55, Issue No. 3, 18 Jan, 2020.
  4. Banning of Cryptocurrency, letters, Economic & Political Weekly, Volume 55, Issue No. 5, 1 Feb., 2020.
  5. India Data Protection Law: The search for Goldilock’s effect’ published in 2019 issue of European Data Protection Law Review (EDPL), ISSN 2364-28312017
  6. LGBT and the Reluctant fundamentalist’ published in Practical Lawyers July edition of 2017 ISSN 2277-9116 (2017)
  7. Democracy is Anti-Federalist’ published in the Amity Law Review published by Amity Law University, Noida. ISSN: 2249-2232 (2018)

B) Book Chapter

  1. Editorial member of the book ‘RECLAIMING DIGNITY, RIGHT AND JUSTICE’ published by Thomas Reuter ISBN: 978-93-89046-42-7
  2. Chapter titled ‘CHIEF JUSTICE OF INDIA: MASTER OF ALL CONVENTIONS’ in book ‘The Supreme Court and the Constitution’ published by WOLTERS KLUWER 2020. ISBN no: 978-93-898-59-71-3.
  3. Chapter titled ‘IMPACT OF MICRO-TARGETING ADVERTISEMENTS ON INDIAN DEMOCRACY AND FEDERALISM’ selected for publication for the book ‘Digitalization and Law- Regulations, Implications, and Challenges’ to be published by Thomas Reuters

C) Newspaper

  1. Missing Jurisprudence of a Sound Data Protection Law: Deccan Herald, Analysis section, 3rd May, 2019
  2. AI, Bias and the Law: The Statesman, Law section, 11th July, 2019
  3. Digital Constitutionalism and Personal Data Protection, Daily Guardian, Legally Speaking, 21st October, 2020.
  4. My Laptop is my castle: The Statesman, Law Section, 1st August, 2019
  5. Virtual State and Constitutionalism’ The Statesman, Law Section, 22nd August, 2019
  6. To eliminate bias’ The Statesman, Law Section, 6th February, 2020
  7. Erasure different in Indian Law’, Law Section, 7th May, 2020
  8. Forsaking Separation of Power’, Law Section, 7th May, 2020
  9. Tracing Apps and Competitive Federalism’, Law Section, 18th June, 2020
  10. Digital Exclusion and Natural justice’ The Statesman, Law Section, 19th August, 2021
  11. Discipline or Digital Exclusion’ The Statesman, Law Section, 19th August, 2021
  12. Tech Law must be crafted with alacrity’ The Statesman, Law Section, 16th December, 2021
  13. As an aid of free speech’ (Co-Authored), The Statesman, Law Section, 2nd December, 2021
  14. Debate must precede enactment of Law’ The Statesman, Law Section, 30th September, 2021
  15. An Unelevated Discourse’ (Co-Authored) The Statesman, Law Section, 17th April, 2021
  16. In search of a Women Chief Justice of India’ (Co-Authored) The Daily Guardian, 13th March, 2021
  17. Appointment of Judges: An analysis’ (Co-Authored) The Daily Guardian, 6th March, 2021
  18. Underpinnings of the farm laws’, The Statesman, Law Section, 21st January, 2021, Faith in Constitutional Values’, The Statesman, Law Section, 14th January, 2021

D) Notable Web Commentaries

  1. Standards of Basic Structures: Questioning the Master of Roster, Published on The Leaflet, https://www.theleaflet.in/the-standards-of-basic-structure-questioning-the-master-of-the roster/
  2. The Missing Jurisprudence of a Sound Data Protection Law, Published on The LiveLaw, https://www.livelaw.in/columns/the-missing-jurisprudence-of-a-sound-data-protection law-144732
  3. Collegium Deadlock & Gender Parity: A look at CJI Bobde’s Legacy on The Quint, https://www.thequint.com/news/law/cji-sa-bobde-legacy-and-controversies
  4. Recognizing Indirect Discrimination: An Ode to Justice D.Y. Chandrachud on the Leaflet https://www.theleaflet.in/recognising-indirect-discrimination-an-ode-to-justice-d-y chandrachud/
  5. Class Recording, Data Minimalism & Pandemic on the LiveLaw https://www.livelaw.in/columns/personal-data-protection-bill-2019-general-data-protection-regulation-gdpr-175463
  6. The First Virtual “Gang Rape”? https://www.indialegallive.com/column-news/metaverse-gang-rape-facebook/
  7. Tardiness will be costly https://www.indialegallive.com/column-news/personal-data-protection-bill-delay/
  8. Purging Social Media https://www.indialegallive.com/column-news/infodemic-facebook-social-media-it-rules/
  9. Sri Lanka Enacts Its Data Protection Regime (Co-Authored) https://lawandtech.ie/sri-lanka-enacts-its-data-protection-regime/

Paper Presentations

  1. Presented paper on‚ Freedom of Expression and Morality in contemporary India‛ at National Seminar on Role of Ethics, Values and Morality in Law in 21st Century held at Hidayatullah National law University on 11th April 2015.
  2. Presented paper on‚ Reconciling IPR Laws with Indian Competition‛ at Two-day National Research Seminar on ‘Corporate Laws & Challenges to the new Governments’ at Osmania University on 25th & 26th July 2015.
  3. Attended law conference in JGLS in Haryana in 18-19th September 2015 on RESERVATION IN INDIAN CONSTITUTION‛ organized by iJustice- a public interest law initiative of centre for civil society
  4. Presented a paper on ‘Experience of TRIPS in India’ on 2-4 November 2015, held at National Conference on the evolving regime of Intellectual property protection at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi organized by Jawaharlal Nehru University, Public Health Foundation of India
  5. Workshop: Gian Seminar on‚ Global Constitutionalism: Emerging Trends‛ Constitutional Law from 7-12th August 2016 in RGNUL, Punjab organized by Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab; Supported by Ministry of Human Resource Development Government of India
  6. Seminar on Capital Punishment on 27 November – 2nd October 2016 organized by Indian Law Institute, Delhi in Collaboration with Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law.
  7. Participated in Workshop on COMPARATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL LAW PERSPECTIVE at NALSAR, Hyderabad from 21-26th November 2016, organized by M K Nambyar SAARC Law Centre & Centre for Constitutional Law, Public Policy and Governance.
  8. Presented paper on HYDEL PROJECTS IN SAARC NATIONS: UNEARTHING THE VITALITY OF WATER RESOURCES at the International Seminar on ‘Water Sharing in SAARC Region: Legal Issues and Challenges’ organized by NALSAR University, Hyderabad on 25th-26th March, 2017
  9. Participated in workshop at V.K Bhawan organized by Indian Society for International Law on ‘INTERNATIONAL LAW’ from 29th May 2017 to 9th June 2017.
  10. Presented paper on topic ‘John Rawls and Affirmative Action in India’ at National Seminar on Litigating Equality: Are Human Rights Effective? Held at Nelson Mandel Auditorium, Organised by Delhi Metropolitan Education Affiliated to Guru Gobind Singh Indraprasth University on 11th November 2017
  11. Presented paper on ‘Surrogacy Laws in India’ presented at ‘National Seminar on Law and Medicine’ conducted by Amity Law School, Lucknow Uttar Pradesh from 23rd-24th January 2018.
  12. Presented paper via skype on ‘Privacy: Reductionism and its viability beyond institutional means’ at National Conference on Contemporary Socio-Economic and Legal Issues in India organized at IMS Unison University, Dehradun on 16-17th Feburary 2018.
  13. Participated in the workshop on ‘Consumer Justice in the era of Globalization’organized by Centre for Consumer Law, National Law University-Odisha in collaboration with Chair on Consumer Law & Practice, NLSIU, Bengaluru from 2nd to 3rd April, 2019.
  14. Presented a paper on ‘Affiliations and Affirmative Action’ at the National Seminar on ‘Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s Vision on Social Inclusion’ organized by Centre for Study of Social Exclusion & Inclusive Policy (CSSEIP) supported by Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICCSR) at Benaras Hindu University from 1st- 2nd March, 2019
  15. Presented paper on ‘The Idea of Free Will in Era of Dataism’ at the Annual Themed Conference on Transformative Constitutionalism: exploring Ideas and Possibilities in its Theory and Practice held on 20th and 21st July 2019 organized by Human Rights Lawyering Project, NLSIU and Funded by Ford Foundation.
  16. Presented paper on ‘Reorienting Indian Perspective of LGBT’ at the 5th National Conference on Society and Well Being held at Amity University, Lucknow Campus on 4th April, 2018.
  17. Presented a paper on ‘The role of media as a means and end of maintaining institutional integrity’ at the National Seminar on Media and Changing Society: Dilemmas and Challenges held at Army Institute of Law on 29th September, 2018
  18. Co-presented a paper on ‘Geographical Indication as a tool for protection of traditional medicinal knowledge’ at National Symposium on Geographical Indications & Plant Variety Protection: Issues and Challenges’ organized by the Society for Law and Technology at Damodaram Sanjivayya National Law University-Vishakapatnam, held on 8th September, 2018.
  19. Presented a paper on ‘Default Protectionist tracing applications: Erosion of Cooperative Federalism’ in the E-Seminar on ‘Life, Liberty & Privacy: The Indian Jurisprudence on Individual’s Data Privacy’ organized by Legis Orbis in association of Lexis Nexis, presented on 27th July 2020.
  20. Chaired a technical session on ‘Trafficking in Person-Media & Victim Perspective’ organized by KSLU in association with VVILS held on 30th July 2021.

Research and Consultancy

  • 1) (In process) Research grant worth Rs. 25,000 granted from Rashtriya Raksha University (RRU) for the Research topic ‘EFFICACY OF NSA IN PUBLIC ORDER MANAGEMENT IN MIDST OF COVID’, The research is collaborative research