Hon’ble The CHIEF JUSTICE, High Court of Madhya Pradesh &

CHANCELLOR, Dharmashastra National Law University, Jabalpur



Hon’ble Mr. Justice Mohammad Rafiq was born on 25th May, 1960 at Sujangarh in Churu district of Rajasthan. His Lordship completed B.Com in 1980, LL.B in 1984 and M.Com in 1986 from University of Rajasthan. His Lordship later on joined the Bar and practised as Advocate after enrolment with the Bar Council of Rajasthan on 8th July, 1984.

His Lordship practised exclusively in Rajasthan High Court at Jaipur in almost all branches of law and especially conducted constitutional matters, service matters, land acquisition cases, land revenue cases, preventive detention cases, customs & excise matters, railway claims cases, tax matters, company matters and criminal matters before the High Court.

His Lordship worked as Assistant Government Advocate for the State of Rajasthan from 15th July, 1986 to 21st December, 1987 and Deputy Government Advocate from 22nd December, 1987 to 29th June, 1990. His Lordship appeared before the High Court as panel advocate for various Departments of the State Government such as Co-operatives, Finance, Forest, Irrigation, Urban Development and Animal Husbandry for five years i.e. from 1993 to 1998.

His Lordship also represented the Union of India as Standing Counsel from 1992 to 2001 before the High Court. His Lordship also represented the Indian Railways, Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board, Rajasthan Board of Muslim Wakfs, Jaipur Development Authority, Rajasthan Housing Board and Jaipur Municipal Corporation before the Rajasthan High Court.

His Lordship was appointed as Additional Advocate General for the State of Rajasthan on 7th January, 1999 and worked as such till his Lordship’s elevation to the Bench.

Hon’ble Mr. Justice Mohammad Rafiq was appointed as Judge of the Rajasthan High Court on 15th May, 2006. His Lordship also worked as Acting Chief Justice of Rajasthan High Court twice; from 7th April, 2019 to 4th May, 2019 and from 23rd September, 2019 to 5th October, 2019. His Lordship was also the Executive Chairman of the Rajasthan State Legal Services Authority and the Administrative Judge of the Rajasthan High Court prior to elevation as the Chief Justice.

His Lordship Hon’ble Mr. Justice Mohammad Rafiq was the Chief Justice of the High Court of Meghalaya from 13th November, 2019 to 26th April, 2020.

Hon’ble Mr. Justice Mohammad Rafiq was administered the oath of office of the Chief Justice of Orissa High Court on 27th April, 2020, on being transferred from the Meghalaya High Court.

His Lordship is Life Member of the Indian Law Institute and has also been member of its Governing Council. On administrative side of the Rajasthan High Court, apart from being member of various Committees, His Lordship chaired the Mediation and Arbitration Project Committee, the Steering Committee for Computerisation, the Rules Committee, the Arrears Committee, the Examination Committee, the Building Committee and the Library Committee. His Lordship was In-Charge of the Mediation Centre of the High Court at Jaipur for five years and with that, was also simultaneously the Chairman of the Rajasthan High Court Legal Services Committee for three years. His Lordship also worked as Company Court Judge as well as Designated Judge U/s 11 of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. His Lordship presided the Commercial Appellate Division for over three years at Jaipur Bench of Rajasthan High Court.