With the objective of imparting the knowledge of law and to promote the culture of research for the development and advancement of legal education in the students, the Centre tries to bring various stake holders like members of bar and bench, academicians, policy makers, officials, etc. to discourse and deliberate about Criminal Law and Justice Policies, issues and challenges through various conferences, seminars, etc.
The burgeoning pendency of the cases in the courts of India, the ever-growing cybercrimes and socio-economic offences have challenged the adequacy of the infrastructure in dealing with the modern-day issues. This lack of effective and fast criminal justice system poses a big challenge to the Indian democracy and to the Indian economy, and in turn tends to dampen appetite for investments in the country.
The status of competence of advocates and police personnel is in question and the primary reason is the lack of training and guidance.

The Centre aims at certain tentative initiatives, some of which are:
(i) To offer training program and conduct research in area of Cybercrimes and digital
forensics and to conduct awareness programs for Police, Prosecutors and Judges.
(ii) To organize short duration Faculty Development Programs on “Teaching
Pedagogies: Criminal Law”.
(iii) To organize Hindi National Trial Advocacy Competition in the name of a famous
Criminal Law Jurists. (A judge, Advocate, Academician).
(iv) To conduct an empirical study on Prisoners’ Right and Prisons. (submitting a
report to M.P. State Government).
(v) To do a research on the implementation of the Supreme Court Judgment
Mahender Chawla & Others. Vs. Union of India & Others writ petition (criminal) no.
156 of 2016 for witness Protection Scheme.

(vi) To conduct an empirical study for Juveniles in conflict with law in Madhya
Pradesh, finding a solution for the reduction of the same.

The Center will aspire collaboration from various individuals and institutions, some of
which are:
1. Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security, Government of India.
2. Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India.
3. Ministry of Law and Justice, Government of India.
4. Department of Information Technology, Government of India.
5. Department of Home, Government of Madhya Pradesh.
6. Department of Jail, Government of Madhya Pradesh.
7. Department of Women and Child Welfare, Government of Madhya Pradesh.
8. Department of Social justice and Disability, Government of Madhya Pradesh.
9. Department of Law, Government of Madhya Pradesh.
10. National Center for Criminal Justice Data Analytics and Forensics, IIT Kharagpur.
11. Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Narayan National Institute of Criminology and Forensic
Science (NICFS).
12. Aziz Premji University
13. National Human Rights Commission
14. Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission
15. Tata Institute of Social Sciences
16. Center for Excellence in Digital Forensics, Madras.


Ex Officio Coordinator-: Vice Chancellor (Prof. Dr. Balraj Chauhan)
Ex Officio Co- Coordinator -: Registrar (Sri Anand Tiwari, HJS)
Director -: Dr. Manwendra Kumar Tiwari (Associate Professor of Law)
Assistant Director -: Mr. Gautam Gupta (Assistant Professor of Law)
Assistant Director -: Mr. Animesh Jha (Assistant Professor of Law)
Research Scholars
Student Members