We live in an era where there is unprecedented increase in trade and commerce between countries. The power and importance of the countries today on the global platform lies in the economic strength of the country. Economics have great relevance in the life of a commoner too, be it a common man, professional, serviceman, business man or a small farmer they all have their own ideas about what ‘Economics’ is. 

To accommodate such economic aspirations a country needs to have a proper set of laws and policies which can protect the economic system and provide appropriate mechanisms. Therefore, Law and Economics meshes up together so that we can have efficient laws that can govern the economic activities of the nation.

Therefore, we are delighted to present before you the Centre for Law and Economics (CLE), established under the aegis of Dharmashastra National Law University, Jabalpur (M.P). The Centre was formed with the aim to promote research in the conjoined fields of Economics and Law, and to understand the interdependent relationship that exists between the condition of the Economy and the effect that it subsequently has on the economic laws of the country. It endeavors to provide solutions for the current issues pertaining to Law and Economics. The Centre is all set to become a goodwill in its respective fields. 

CENTRE DIRECTOR:  Dr. Isha Wadhwa (Assistant Professor), DNLU Jabalpur


  • To promote the interdisciplinary field of Law and Economics in India.
  • To work towards understanding the core problems an individual of our society faces in the context of Law and Economics.
  • To publish journals and newsletters pertaining to the Centre’s interests. 
  • To gain perspective from well-known and experienced people in the field of Law and Economics. 
  • The Centre aspires to make noteworthy contributions in the established area of research – Law and Economics which would further add on to the existing knowledge in the field.
  • The Centre aims at conducting various types of competition and activities relating to the current and challenging issues in the field of Law and Economics.