The Centre for Research and Studies of Human Rights (CRaSH) under the Dharmashastra National Law University (DNLU), Jabalpur, is an endeavour of the University to respond to the emerging regime of universal laws of Human Rights. With a commitment of novel contributions to the Human Rights regime, the Centre endeavours to undertake interdisciplinary studies involving legal academia and the other stakeholders and contribute in the best possible manner to the global pool of knowledge on the subject. The Centre aspires to be an incubator of new approaches of law and best practices to better address the complex issues related to the problems faced by the human beings while disregarding any form of irrelevant and unreasonable classification of the same. The Centre also seeks to address the critical need for evolution and systematic development of prevalent legal techniques and structures and aims to better address the challenges presented by issues that emerge with the interaction of human beings with law, society and governance.


The primary objective of the centre is to formulate research strategies towards development of mechanisms to better understand the emerging issues in the global regime of Human Rights and thereby formulate adequate steps towards resolution of the same. It seeks to undertake research projects on various themes of the thrust area with special focus towards identification and deeper analysis of issues in the State of Madhya Pradesh.

The Centre looks forward to spreading awareness and educating the students and the general public including the weaker and downtrodden classes of the society. The Centre shall function with the objective to provide a platform for stakeholders for collaboration, study and research on policy decisions that determines the Human rights regime of the nation. The endeavour shall include review of legislative and administrative actions, contribution to the pool of knowledge through seminars, workshops, debates, awareness programmes and counselling sessions through collaborative efforts by various stakeholders, resource persons and policy makers.


The Centre strives to attain the status of focal point of innovative ideas and points of research and to become a repository for novel notions on the subject. The Centre also proposes to collaborate with similar educational and research endeavours worldwide for making the substantive contribution towards availability of relevant literature on the subject of Human Rights.

Dr. Shilpa Jain Ms. Ruchira Chaturvedi
Associate Professor Assistant Professor
DNLU, Jabalpur DNLU, Jabalpur
E-Mail: shilpajain@mpdnlu.ac.in E-Mail: ruchira@mpdnlu.ac.in


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Centre for Research and Studies in Human Rights

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