The Centre for Research in Environmental Law (CREL) under the Dharmashastra National Law University (DNLU), Jabalpur, is an endeavour of the University to respond to the need for legal scholarship in the areas of conservation of environment and forest, abatement of pollution, preserving bio diversity, maintaining ecological balance, improving environmental awareness and education, etc. With this commitment, the centre undertakes interdisciplinary study involving legal academia and the other stakeholders involved in the conservation of the environment and preservation of its wholesomeness. The Centre aspires to be an incubator for new approaches on how law can best address the complex and cross-cutting issues related to the problems faced by the environment pollution. The Centre also addresses a critical need for systematic development of legal techniques and legal structures to address the challenges presented by issues at the intersection of law and environment, biodiversity, and other allied disciplines.


The Centre proposes to undertake a fruitful dialogue between inter disciplinary branches such as Environmental Science and Environmental Humanities by fostering research in cross disciplinary areas. The major objective of the centre is to formulate research strategies required for the development of the emerging frontiers in the environmental studies by undertaking research projects on various themes of the thrust area including bio-medical waste management, pollution aspects of Narmada river, conservation of tropical forests, etc. with special reference to the State of M.P.

The centre aims to provide environmental awareness and education to the law students, faculty and staff of the University and strive to make the campus a green campus and set an example. The Centre also aims to provide a platform for stakeholders to collaborate over and study various policy decisions which impact the environment. Apart from reviewing legislative changes, the centre aims at real world impact by organizing seminars, workshops, debates amongst the various stakeholders, resource persons and policy makers focused on the issues of environmental.


The Centre strive to become the hive of research and depository for persons seeking information in areas of environmental law and policy. The Centre also proposes to collaborate with similar educational and research institutions worldwide for making the relevant literature available with the Centre.

Dr. Veena Roshan Jose  Ms. Areena Parveen Ansari
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DNLU, Jabalpur    DNLU, Jabalpur
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Centre for Research in Environmental Law (CREL),

Dharmashastra National Law University,

B.R.B.R.A.I.I.T, South Civil Lines, Ridge Road,

Jabalpur, M.P.

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E-Mail: crel@mpdnlu.ac.in