The Centre for Constitutional Law was established in the year 2020 and ever since then the Centre has been an active participant in the University’s ecosystem. The Centre for Constitutional Law is a student-run organization, which seeks to work towards sparking an interest in the legal fraternity about the crucial role of constitutional law. Endeavoring through its activities, the centre desires to fulfill the mission of spreading awareness and educating the public about the subject and its significance. Unlike any other subject, the Constitutional Law is the basis of all the other laws and is a conscious document which perpetuates the knowledge of equality and freedom; therefore, it enlarges the task of Centre for Constitutional Law to live up to the higher expectation of the Constitution.

FACULTY INCHARGE:  24thMr. Ashit Srivastava (Assistant Professor), DNLU Jabalpur


The objective behind the establishment of this centre is to generate debate and discourse on various nuances of the subject of constitutional law. The centre was established to cultivate the spirit of rights awareness and instill in individuals the significant learnings of constitutional law so as to enable understanding of legal intricacies.


Aims that the Centre strives to achieve are-

  • To discuss aspects of the subject which cannot/ are not covered in the classroom due to several constraints
  • To undertake activities that will augment and further the understanding in the field of students in the Constitutional Law.
  • To work towards creating an interest in Constitutional Law amongst the students of the University.


  • The Centre organized Panel Discussion to Celebrate 48 Years of Basic Structure by discussing the National and International Perspective of the doctrine on 24th April, 2021.