B.A. LL.B(Hons.)

Programme: B.A. LL.B. (Hons.)
Academic Session 2019-2020

Programme Mission
To promote learning, understanding, and training through effective teaching and interdisciplinary approach of law and social sciences.
To analyze critically social legal problems in social discipline; to develop abilities of good citizen and understanding of human values with a sense of right and wrong to fulfill the needs of law profession.
Programme Description
The five year integrated programme would prepare the students with the syllabus mentioned in BCI Rules together with specialization of domain elective specialization electives so as to equip them to appear before courts/tribunals on one hand and perform other essential roles of law professionals. The programme structure is framed to bridge a crucial gap and creates synergies by bringing management and law together.
Programme Educational Objectives/Goals

PEO1 Students will be able to recognize inter disciplinary relationship between law and other discipline.
PEO2 Students will be able to design solutions with regard to social legal problem.
PEO3 Students will be able to demonstrate research skills to analyze national international issues.
PEO4 Students will be able to identify the areas of practical application of law in relation to inter disciplinary area.
PEO5 Students will be able to develop legal research skills in professionalism.
PEO6 Students will be able to demonstrate professional ethics and moral values.
PEO7 Students will be able to interpret theory through clinical legal practice.
PEO8 Students will be able to develop and reflect learning through their career.

(i) Duration of the Course: The duration of the B.A. LL.B. (Hons.) Programme shall be five academic years.
(ii) Teaching Days: The University shall adopt at least 180 working days system, with a minimum of 30 weeks actual teaching in a 6-day week. Of the remaining period, 12 weeks may be devoted to admission and examination activities, and non-instructional days for curricular, sports days, etc., 8 weeks for vacations and 2 weeks may be attributed to various public holidays. The following is the distribution of Teaching Days:

  Number of weeks: 6 days a week pattern Number of weeks: 5 days a week pattern
Teaching and Learning Process 30 (180 days) weeks 36 (180 days) weeks
Admission/Examination 12 8
Vacation 8 6
Public Holidays (to increase and adjust teaching days accordingly) 2 2
Total 52 52

The Course for B.A. LL.B. (Hons.) Five Years Integrated Programme for 1st and 2nd Semester shall be as follows:
Academic Year 2019-2020 it shall be under:-


Year First Semester Second Semester
First (i) Liberal – I


(ii) Liberal – I

(iii)Liberal – I

(iv)Legal Methods

(v) Introduction to Law & Legal System, Legal Language


Non-Teaching Credit Course:

(i) General Studies -I

(ii) Right to Information

(i) Liberal – II


(ii) Liberal – II

(iii) Liberal – II

(iv) Law of Torts-I

(v) Law of Contract-I

(vi) English – II

Non-Teaching Credit Course:

(i) General Studies – II

(ii) First Information Report

An Examination Committee will be constituted by the Vice-Chancellor to look into the evaluation programs. The members of the Examination Committee will also function as class teachers.
The examination is entirely internal. The teacher who offers the course shall frame the question paper and the same shall be moderated by a Committee constituted by the Vice-Chancellor for moderation. The teacher will look after the performance of the students on constant basis. If a course is offered by more than one teacher, the setting of question paper and evaluation will be done jointly.
Scheme of Evaluation

Five (5) marks in each course shall be assigned to regularity in attendance.
The following is distribution of Marks for Attendance:
Percentage of Attendance            Marks
95 and above                              5
90-94                                          4
85-89                                          3
80-84                                          2
75-79                                          1
Every student has to secure a minimum of 75% attendance in each course. However, in exceptional cases the attendance requirement may be relaxed, but not below the minimum of 67%, in the following cases only:-
Students who have participated in University sponsored/approved activities for which necessary attendance will be given for the days of absence (i.e., number of classes) and the attendance will be calculated accordingly.
Students are required to submit approved Academic Leave forms along with copy of invitation, abstract and copy of article within a week before the activity. No Academic Leave will be considered subsequently.


In cases where the student falls short of 75% attendance but secures more than 70% in a particular course, will be allowed to take the exam in the course, provided the student has secured more than 75% attendance on the average in all the courses put together but excluding the course(s) in which the student secured less than 70% attendance. There will be no marks for attendance calculated accordingly.

Brochure For B.A.LL.B.(Hons.)