About Library

A University’s library is a mirror of its academic depth and intellectual prowess. The constant urge for grasping and disseminating knowledge is an invariable motto of Dharmashastra National Law University and the University continues to work upon this motto with all its conviction. This is the reason that within a small span of time the University’s library is able to form a rich collection of books and journals. The fully equipped Wi-Fi premise of the library is conducive for reading and research purposes with a helpful staff to facilitate student learning.  DNLU Library is not only the repository of knowledge but also the dispenser of knowledge and beliefs.  It has a wide range of academic resources such as books, periodicals (Online and Offline), legal databases, back volumes, etc. The DNLU Library comprises a Central Library and collectively supports the teaching & research programmed of the Institute.

At present users can refer to more than 2700 documents from the library. The reference section has an appreciable collection of materials indices, Reference books, Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Law Commission Reports and Legal lexicons. It works on the vision to satisfy the requirements of the users using its collections and innovative services and also is a constant endeavor to become one of the leading libraries in India in the field of resources, services, and technology.

Library Mission

The DNLU library promotes intellectual development and creativity by developing its collections, facilitating access to information resources, trained the effective use of library resources and develop the research activity. The library is committed to student success by supporting education and research through services that provide convenient, reliable, and purposeful access to information resources for the entire reader community providing right information to the users at the right time and in the right format.